Craig & John Howman Craig & John Howman Flame Nebula Imaged at the Club imaging site at Old Pale Car park (Craig H) 203552268 New Year New Moon Imaged early in 2017 (Craig H) 203552269 Jupiter and Europa This is my best Jupiter picture to date. In the bottom right hand side of the planet you can see Europa in transit which was caught completely accidentally, i didn't even know it was there while i was taking the video! 197324261 The Cocoon Nebula (IC5146) The Cocoon Nebula is a reflection/emission nebula in the constellation Cygnus near the naked eye star Pi Cygni. There is a dark dust lane that is around the nebula and spreads west like a tail. This image consists of a run of several 3minute exposures. 197324268 M1, The Crab Nebula. The Crab Nebula is the remnant of a supernova explosion thought to be the same one recorded in 1054 by Chinese astronomers. The nebula is located in Taurus and easily seen through a small telescope. It is situated 6500 light years from Earth and is 11 light years across, the Neutron star at it's heart is about 28-30km in diameter and spins at a hair-raising 30.2 times per second though some Neutron Stars spin far faster than this! A series of 3 minute exposures taken over a few nights. Stars seem big as it's a small target for my setup and the image has been cropped down. 197324318 The Sadr/Gamma Cygni area (IC1318) An image of the diffuse emission nebula surrounding Gamma Cygni which is the central bright star in the constellation Cygnus. 2.5 hours of 3 minute exposures. 197324476 The Crescent Nebula (NGC6888) The Crescent Nebula lies around 5000 light years away in the constellation Cygnus and is an emission nebula. The nebula is caused by a Wolf Rayet star (WR 136), it is caused by fast stellar wind created by the star colliding with slower moving wind emitted by the star as it became a red-giant 250,00 - 400,000 years ago. 197324739 The Double Cluster (NGC 869/884) One of my early captures from when i wasn't guiding. Both clusters lie around 7500 years from Earth in the constellation Perseus and are estimated to be around 12.8 million years old. I don't often image star clusters alone as i'm very much a nebulosity hunter, but this is a particularly pretty one. A good target for anyone with a pair of binoculars. 197324761 The Eastern Veil Nebula (NGC 6992) The veil nebula is the brightest part/s of the Cygnus Loop. The Cygnus loop is a reasonably dim supernova remnant of a star that exploded approximately 5000-8000 years ago. The remnants cover a 3 degree area of sky! Or 6 times the diameter of the moon. The Veil Nebulas distance is unknown though some estimates have it at about 1470 light years. One of my final un-comacorrected images hence the stretched stars in the corners. 197324844 The Pleiades (M45) I guess this one needs no introduction, this was the first deep sky image that i finished. The Pleiades is one of the closest star clusters to Earth lying on average 444 light years from us in the constellation Taurus. It is dominated by large hot blue stars thought to be formed within the last 100 million years and is surrounded by a faint reflection nebula. This image was a mixture of exposures ranging from 2-3minutes depending on how well my mount was tracking at the time (i wasn't guiding). 197324823 Andromeda (M31) Andromeda lights approximately 2.5 million light years from Earth and is the largest galaxy in the Local group. Can easily be seen with a pair of binoculars and in a dark sky can be seen naked eye. 197348630 Triangulum Galaxy (M33) The Triangulum galaxy lies around 3 million light years away and is the 3rd largest galaxy in the local group behind Andromeda and The Milky Way. It may be gravitationally bound to the Andromeda galaxy. 197348787 The Whirlpool galaxy (M51) M51 lies in the constellation Canes Venatici close to Urja Major. M51 is actively interacting with a companion galaxy known as NGC5195 and has recently been estimated to be 23 + or - 4 million light years from earth. 197348679 197515971 Nokia 1020 solar image A focal image using 130p with white light solar film 15mm eye piece iso 100 exposure -2 And a Steady hand 198067275