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What's up in March 2020

The Planets in March 2020

Mercury is too close to the Sun to be visible at the start of the month. By the end of the month, sunrise has advanced early enough that Mercury is barely visible (and very low above the horizon)

Venus is unmistakeable in the West in the evening, over 40° above the horizon at sunset and magnitude over -4.5 at the end of the month, moving from Pisces into Aries

Mars, Jupiter and Saturn are all morning objects in Sagittarius at the beginning of the month, though Saturn moves into Capricornus by the 3rd week. They're all very low though, so although Jupiter should be visible at magnitude -2 ish, Mars and Saturn will be harder to spot.

Uranus is an evening object, moving slowly through Aries throughout the month. At 5.8 magniude It should be reasonably visible in binoculars - it'll be just over 2° to the left of Venus on 8th.


The Moon starts the Month being 6 days old, passing through Taurus. Full Moon is on 9th, in Leo.


The Equinox falls this year on 20th - when the Sun's movement along the Ecliptic takes it from below the Equator to above it.

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