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Mid-Cheshire Astronomical Group was founded in February 2013.

A group of students attending a local astronomy course, run by Andrew Davies (founder member) at John Dean college, wanted a local group set up in order to continue their journey learning about the cosmos.

Originally meeting at Pickmere Village Hall, and later in Delamere Forest; since resuming meetings in person following the Pandemic, we now meet at the Norley Parish Centre. 

The club's membership ranges from beginners to observers with several years experience. Because of this we cover a broad range of interests. We look at subjects from spectroscopy to radio astronomy, from planetary science to astrophotography. But, above all, we all enjoy going out on a clear night and looking at what the universe has to offer - British weather allowing!

Meeting monthly, our key objective is to provide a platform from which to entertain, inspire, educate and enthuse everyone with an interest in astronomy. Whether you are an experienced astronomer or new to the hobby, Mid-Cheshire Astronomical Group is a great way to get involved and start looking up!

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