• OwenGwynne

"Re-starting" Questionnaire (results)

Thanks to everyone who completed the Questionnaire - it's been really useful to gauge what you think is important for re-starting.

We recognise that there are a few of us that have significant concerns about the risks of catching (and maybe sharing) Covid as a result of getting back together, so we'll definitely aim to reduce the risks, and we'll continue to offer a Zoom alternative to meeting in person.

When we asked about what precautions you would expect us to take, there were clear majorities for mask wearing, maximising ventilation and having hand sanitiser available at the entrance.

So we will ask people to wear a mask during the talks (unless you have an exemption of course), and we advise that you wear an extra layer as we'll be aiming to keep the doors open for increased air flow through.

It is advisable to avoid sitting too close together, so we hope that if you come as a group, you'll sit together; and otherwise try to not to sit closer than about 1 metre from other groups.

As we know that some of you will prefer not to return to in-person meetings quite yet, we are hoping that we can stream our meeting via zoom in the usual way - which should allow us to keep a recording to post on YouTube in case you miss being there.

If you missed out on giving your response, it's not too late to contribute.