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Other Astronomy

There's quite a lot of other astronomy available out there ...

Online lectures - Gresham College - Astronomy

Crash Course Astronomy - short sessions by Phil Plait (the Bad Astronomer)

Online Forums Predominantly UK/Europe based Worldwide, but mostly US Relatively new - replaced the defunct Astronomy Forum site

Other sites that may be of interest - includes a monthly newsletter of great targets to look for - find Astro locations and Events wherever you are in UK

Sky and Telescope Magazine Tools - all manner of useful tools

Astronomy Digest - a collection of articles by Prof Ian Morison


Radio Astronomy - the Podcast of "Sky at Night" Magazine

Awesome Astronomy (search for it on your favourite podcast app)

Jodcast - produced by the astronomers at Jodrell Bank

Please consider the URL of this page as a remembrance of a time we prefer not to dwell on


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